Lowrider CNC with Modded Parts

It had been sometime since I updated my blog.
Currently, I had completed all the items in the bom list but I hit some hiccups.

Found out that the GT2 16 teeth big hole was too big for nema17. Later found out that it is meant for nema17 with gear.

I will be sourcing for this unit soon. According to Shi En, he will try to find if he has some at home. Cross my finger!!!!

Date : 22nd March 2018
Title : Fixing the the ballbearings to the printed parts of Lowrider Cnc

Date : 4th April 2018
Title : Custom Cut Alu Plates (See below for my Thingverse link)

Date : 7th April 2018
Title : Fixing the 60mm Rollers,prints on the custom plates

Title : Glenn assisted to print 90% PET parts of Lowrider CNC

Date : 8th April 2018
Title : Updated from Ezbuy on my items related to Lowrider cnc shipment

Date : 11th April 2018
Title : Received and Purchase Nema17s, Spindle, Power supply(12v, 450W) & More

Date : 13th April 2018
Title : Modified Adapter(See below for my Thingverse link)
Notes : I found out that the Adapter provided from Makita does not fit directly. Thus I made some modification and measurements and made my own adapter

Date : 15th April 2018
Title : Received the linear shaft and testing it

Click here to check out the dxf.stl.step in Thingverse which I posted.

If you need any custom designs in 3d, 3d prints and anything related. Feel free to email me. javaboy57@gmail.com

I hope this is helpful!!!

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